Lawyers, Attorneys, and “Goodfellas”

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Lawyers, Attorneys, and “Goodfellas”

    Personal injury attorneys are useless. The whole justice system is a crock, full of people handing you off to the next person, who doesn’t care about your case, only cares whether or not you can feed their pockets.

    So I get a ton of bills for my medical treatment from the caveman who headsmashed me at the beach, and am supposed to hold them until all of my medical treatment is completed, then submit them for reimbursement in one final lump sum.

    Meanwhile, 6 months later, when all treatment is complete after I’ve been invoiced and had to pay for everything out of pocket, my credit is trashed, and the accused could still flee, and not pay a single cent of my bills. They put the accused (who has already plead guilty) on probation, and give him another year. Meanwhile, I’m out thousands of dollars, my credit is further ruined, and he can still refuse to pay, or flee.

    And according to the attorney I just spoke with moments ago, “ attorney in the state will take your case, unless he has assets they can sue him for”. I don’t want his assets, I want my out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed!

    They refuse to do an asset check up-front, and suggested I just hire a private investigator to do it on my own. If I’m going to hire someone to find out if he has assets, I’b be better off making “a few phone calls”, and I’ll be sure to get my money back, and then some, without ever having to go near the legal system. It would probably be cheaper in the long run..

ObPerl Fu vs. Refactoring

     while (my ($key, $value) = each %{$config{'template'}}) {
         printf "    %s%s: %s", $key, "." x(20 - length($key)), $value . " ";

    That little snippet reduced about 60 lines of code down to that single printf() in the middle. How lovely

Still no job..

    312 days

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