“Junkyard” LAN

Saturday, March 2nd, 2002 at 12:00 am | 1,499 views | trackback url

Crippling and hobbling through spare parts while the movers make more excuses about missing boxes, I managed to get a NetBSD firewall set up, in preparation for the relocation of about 15 or so domains from Rasmus’ DSL connection to my LAN here (cable modem currently, while I figure out T1/T3 pricing plans).

I still don’t quite have all the parts needed to do this right, so I’m hijacking an IP from my provider over dhcp right now until I can get my router, switch and power brick back from the movers.

eBay Fraud redux

    The next step, once this fraudulent ebay laptop purchase is settled, is to get a laptop and get wireless back up, then I can start “selling” 802.11b to my neighbors, which is going to be MUCH cheaper than the broadband rape artists around here ($299.00/mo. for 1.5 SDSL, $249.00/mo. for 512/512 cable). If I sell off 128k slots to the neighbors at $50.00/month, I’m doing good, and they’re still getting it at 1/2 price.

    I’m trying to sell my DSL router on eBay now too, what a pain, tons of little “micro-charges” they tack on when you create your entry.

Furniture, or Doors

    I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do about a desk. The movers completely trashed it, so I went out and bought a solid-core birch door, 36×80. I’ll drop some legs under it, and add some shelves around the sides and back, and still come in sturdier and more indestructible than the original desk. Hrm, drawers..

    Then I can get back to billing customers, since that was never taken care of when I delegated it to someone else (isn’t that always the case, nothing gets done right unless you end up doing it yourself).

    Then I can get started working on the design for the Plucker t-shirts. Anyone want one?

    Then there’s the job search.. I suppose I should get started soon, but I am so busy travelling this month, and getting things back on track, trying to sweep up the pieces of all my damaged belongings from all over the country, shore up overdue bills, and stay afloat. It’s not quite time to start selling the bike or snowboard yet.


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