It WAS your truck, but not anymore, so STAY OUT!

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avalanchebig.jpgLate last week, Seryn and I went out to dinner at a local restaurant, and when we both got out to my truck after eating, I found a hand-written note on the windshield from the previous owner of my truck, trying to sell me some tires, rims and an updated hood for the vehicle. I basically ignored the note, until I unlocked my truck and found some things inside my truck weren’t where I put them when I locked it and went inside for dinner.

My truck is my mobile office (laptop, cell, inverter, chargers, etc.), and things are in a very specific place, within very specific reach of me while I drive or work on the road. These things were out of order, and not where I left them. Apparently the previous owner made an extra set of keys to the truck, and decided it was ok to go into the truck (my truck) while I was dining with my daughter at the restaurant, and rifle through things.

I took a quick inventory, and didn’t notice anything obvious missing, but things were definitely moved around on my seat and on the passenger-side footwell area. Just because something isn’t missing doesn’t mean he didn’t look at my registration and find out where I live or put something in the truck that wasn’t there to begin with.

Who knows who this person is, or if they’re going to steal my truck while it’s parked in my own driveway or any number of other creepy things.

So I reported it to the Waterford Police Department, who… of course, could do nothing, without an actual crime being committed. Apparently having someone go into my truck with an unauthorized set of keys, rifling through my belongings, isn’t enough to investigate. They need an ACTUAL crime.

Now I need to call a locksmith and have him price out re-keying all of my locks, and then I need to go to the dealership where I bought the truck and have them re-key the alarm fob that sits on the keyring.

That’s 8 separate locks to re-key + the keychain alarm fob:

  • (2) Both vehicle doors
  • (1) Glovebox
  • (1) Console lockbox between the front seats
  • (2) Truck bed storage bays
  • (1) Tailgate
  • (1) Spare tire access lock

Ugh! Merry Christmas to me. This is an expense I DID NOT need right now.


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