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Mon Jul 30 00:09:06 PDT 2001

    campd: You realize that Excedrin Migraine is exactly the same formulation as the Extra Strength version, right? They only relabeled it so they could get another FDA approval for the same concentration, and relabel it as a new product. Tricky pharmeceutical tactics.

    My girlfriend is flying in on Wednesday. Counting the minutes.



iPAQ Funerals

    My iPAQ died. It was quite unique. I bought it a year ago this week. It’s one of the first 32M/32M models. I bought an extended warantee for it for an extra $39.00. That very warantee runs out this week. EEP! Why does that always happen.

Streaming Ogg

    We now have streaming ogg at the house. It was very non-trivial to get working. Ripping all my cd’s from mp3 to ogg is taking the most time. I was going to get it working on my ipaq as a portable ogg walkman, but…(see above)

    Now with the wireless headphones directly connected to the server, and the streaming over 802.11, we now have music on all machines, portable, wired, wireless. Nice.

    Wireless interference is a problem now. Two cordless phones (900Mhz and 2.4Ghz), one cell phone, freq counter, highly-modified Radio Shack PRO-43 200 channel programmable scanner, microwave, Jensen wireless headphones, RG-1000 Lucent gateway and two Lucent PCMCIA Gold adapters. It’s a busy airspace around here. I think I have to open some of these things and change some crystals around =). There’s not many open frequency ranges left to play with.

Phil Zimmermann

    Tuesday July 31, 2001. Phil Zimmermann is coming to 650 Townsend Street in San Francisco for a general talk about privacy, security, and the DMCA. If you can make it, definately come. I’m only one floor beneath this too, we can hang for lunch.


    Lots of new things coming for pilot-link in the very near future. I managed to clean up the homepage a bit, and remove the style sheet noise from the raw output, producing a much leaner, faster page. Next up is the website conversion using HTML::Template. Bugs for pilot-link are reported here.


    It appears that some people are really gaining interest in Plucker these days. Putting Plucker in the actual books? Great idea. Great publicity. It’s really gaining speed now. Bugs for that go here

    I’m going to be printing up t-shirts for the Plucker project, and at some point, plan to organize a global get-together with the whole team.

Speaking of bugs..

    The bug tracker at gnu-designs has been updated to 0.15.3 now. I’ve done a ton of UI enhancements to the system, as well as quashed some of the bugs which affected our use of it (but are not going to affect other users, re: HTML in bug report texts). It’s improving every day. Kudos to Prescience and the rest of the Mantis team. I sometimes hang out on the #mantishelp channel on Efnet tossing bugs around.


    sourcefubar.net seems to be picking up some projects. I haven’t yet automated everything, but in time, I will. Mmmmm… time…

    If anyone has a project they want to host, shoot me an email and I’ll set you up.

Embedded Linux

    A very intense task is coming to a close. There’s a lot more work that could have been put into this, but what a learning experience it has been. Maybe I’ll get some time to add more. Too much work, not enough time.

    The next thing, already in progress, requires my immediate intervention and attention. Many new things coming. It’s good to be in a position of guiding architecture… sometimes.


    My skills and absorption levels are increasing. I can feel the retention. Now let’s start cutting into the longer term projects. Much learning to do. I still have college on my plate, with intents for a double-major on the calendar. I’ll be putting my girlfriend through school too. This could be fun. Diet a consideration?

Palmsource 2001

    Palmsource 2001 is coming up. Not cheap, but… I have to be there to represent the entire community like last year. For me, this year will be much more planned and “surgical” than last year. Anyone who wants to go, or meet afterwards, let me know. I’ve got a pretty large place if people need to crash here and save some cash on hotel costs.

It’s been a busy weekend, and it’s not over yet. Lots to do here.

I need to go on the elusive hunt for the Karma Duck and sacrifice him. Have to reverse the polarity of my life.

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