Fixed suspend/resume with T61p and nVidia Quadro FX 570M

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NVIDIA logoAfter spending a couple of weeks testing thousands of different options and configurations on my T61p to try to find out why it would not suspend/resume, I managed to come up with a working configuration.

The side-effect of this new configuration is that now X no longer randomly crashes on me in the middle of whatever I’m doing (a known issue with and now suspend and resume works with the nVidia Quadro FX 570M card in my T61p.

In order to stop X11 from crashing, I had to tell the nVidia driver to disable ‘fb, ‘glx’ and ‘dri’ in Section “Module” of my xorg.conf. That section looks like this:

        Section "Module"
            Load           "freetype"
            # snip other loaded modules

            Disable        "glx"
            Disable        "dri"
            Disable        "fb"

Lower down under Section “Device”, I have the following:

        Section "Device"
            Identifier     "Configured Video Device"
            Driver         "nvidia"
        #   Driver         "nv"
            Option         "NvAGP"       "4"

            Option         "MultiGPU" "AA"
            Option         "TripleBuffer" "true"

            BusID          "PCI:1:0:0"

The amount of configurable options for nVidia cards is staggering (77 separate Option params with various number of values and effects on the overall performance of the system). I tried nearly all of them with positive and negative effects. Then I started narrowing down the least amount of options that had a direct affect on my crashes and suspend/resume issue. That is represented in the above snippets.

I can no longer use my fancy glx screensavers, but I don’t care. I can now suspend and resume, and X doesn’t crash… (so far).

I’m using v169.12 of the x86_64 driver from nVidia directly, if anyone is interested in testing/duplicating my results.

(follow-ups to this may be found in the thread I started for this on the Linux Thinkpad Mailing List).

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