Firm-Man 1/2 Ironman Triathlon

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E and her team placed third out of 26 women’s teams, 90 teams total, 670 entrants in Sunday’s Firmman Ironman Triathlon. Individual stats and Team stats are available. Look at the top placers, amazing.

Great job! I was jealous I couldn’t do the bike leg, but maybe soon..

September 11, 2001

    I won’t dwell on it, but we all feel the pain of those lost.

    I’ve put my collection of images online also, hundreds of which have never been seen in public before. You can find them here. I started collecting these the day it happened, and stopped about 2 weeks later. There’s quite a few gruesome pictures there of jumpers, human parts falling, and other things.

    I’ve amassed quite a collection. 879 items in 59 pages. It took Gallery awhile to import them all, but it worked out well.


    What is it about neighbors that makes them believe they can “smoke out” other neighbors.

    They have three kids, and to contact them down the road, they come outside, and scream their names at the top of their lungs down the street, 20 times!!

    They park all over the driveway (two cars wide, leading to a 2-car garage, 1/2 of which we are entitled to), so we have to snake around their cars to park there or get our cars out of the driveway in the morning.

    Our downstairs neighbors also think it’s ok to slam EVERY SINGLE DOOR, every time they open or close it. Every door, drawer, and cabinet they can manage to open, slams at absolute full velocity. It sounds like someone is playing basketball with a bowling ball down there, all day, every day.

    We’ve told them to stop it, because I am working here all day, but they don’t give a damn. Now it’s reaching critical velocity, and I’m about to start jumping as hard as I can on the floor every time they do it.

    This is beyond ignorant or obnoxious, this is intentional and maliscious, and these people do NOT want to see my dragons come out.


    Status: None, 300 days.

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