“Don’t Vote for Bush” (at 2:00am)

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After spending 2 days at the hospital, caring for my wife and new daughter, I can’t take any more of the sleeping situation on their 5′ long vinyl couch in the post-delivery room. It is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever tried to sleep on, so I decided to head home to sleep on a real bed, in my real house.. a 90-minute drive East.

After several hours of comatose sleep, I’m awaken by a phone call at 2:00am. The only thing that races through my mind is that there was some sort of complication and they needed me back at the hospital urgently.

Bush, thinking he's funny (again)

I pick up the phone, and it is a scratchy “fake” Spanish woman’s voice.

caller: “Don’t vote for Bush?”

me: Huh? (groggy, coming out of a deep exhaustive slumber)

caller: “Don’t vote for Bush?”

me: Why? What do you have against Bush? (note: I’m vehemently anti-Bush)

caller: “Just don’t vote for him, he’s bad.” (now the Spanish voice starts to shed, and I realize it is a teenager calling me.)

caller: “Vote for Kerry or Nader. Don’t vote for Bush!”

It turns out, the call was from two 15-year-old kids who were cold-calling people telling them not to vote for Bush, but they had no real defense.

I spent 20 minutes (yes, literally) explaining how voting for Nader in this election could actually give Bush the presidency again. I tried to explain the “Good ‘ol Boys Club”, and why we’ll never see a non-Democrat or non-Republican in office. I pointed them to a few good websites to read, to give them some more ammunition for their next round of calls.

Hopefully there was some learning digested that night..

I gently fell back into my coma and slept for another 5 hours

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  1. David,

    Congratulations!!! I knew of the pregnancy but not that she had entered your life. Best wishes for all of you!


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