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4:28AM PST

CVS Administration

I spent all night working on my cvs server, trying to get some things straightened out. I found some limitations in cvs in general, and with inetd’s limit on the number of values you can put in there for –allow-root=.. definitions

I managed to get around it by calling a script in inetd.conf which sets CVSARGS, and allows me to get more repositories out of it. Now it works well. Next I’ll have to fix this monstrosity and update it to include the other projects on the server.

CVSARGS=" --allow-root=/cvs/first       

exec ${CVS} ${CVSARGS}

The next step is to get a –allow-list option in cvs itself, so I can put the repositories in a file (or a database) and then use –allow-list to read the list in. All worked well, but I’m still not satisfied with the number of hand-edited redundant scripts I had to fix (, loginfo, commitinfo, modules, etc. for each repository). I’ll have to figure out a way around that, or… maybe it will come in handy when each repository is chrooted into an anonymous ssh jail.

Hrm. More to think about, but it gave me some more data for my CVS seminar. That thing grows day by day.

Free Software Palm Development Network

First there was the Open Palm Group which died off. I should see about picking up the domain one of these days and officially revive it.

But now I’m offering a network for the sharing of information in the Palm Development space. Yes, it’s small, only 20 or so projects at the moment, but I am hoping that it will grow fast. Am I trying to replace them? No. Not at all. I am hoping to culminate the best and brightest Palm developers in the open source and free software space to collaborate, share, and grow here.

If you have a Palm® project, no matter how big or small, and want to have others help you develop it further, or have a secure place to retain the code and development of it, email me and I’ll set you up a repository and an area to continue development.

There’s a lot in store for this, definitely going to be some fun stuff coming. Jump onboard!

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