Choosing your presidential candidate just got easier

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If you’re wondering who to vote for in this year’s elections, the process just got a LOT easier.

The United States Senate has just granted retroactive immunity to the telecommunications companies who were found to be illegally wiretapping millions of innocent, law-abiding citizens without warrants, without FISA approval and without any legal foundation.

President Bush himself even stated that he would veto any bill that hit his desk that did not include an immunity clause in this specific matter.

Bush Freedom Quote

Senator Kit Bond from Missouri was quoted as saying:

“…permitting lawsuits against the companies would lead to public disclosure of vital intelligence-gathering methods and would discourage the private sector from cooperating with the government in the future.”

How did your favorite candidates vote? Here’s a quick rundown:

McCain: No (supports retroactive immunity)
Obama: Yes (voted to remove the immunity clause)
Clinton: Did not vote (abstained from voting)

McCain voted to continue the wiretapping, thus proving that he is truly antithetical to a free society.

Obama voted to keep the telecommunications companies accountable for their illicit activities. That’s really no different from where they are today, where they continue to illegally wiretap citizens of the United States without cause, warrant or legal grounds.

Hillary Clinton abstained from voting on the measure at all.

For me, that just discounted ALL of the candidates from my short list of whom to vote for in the 2008 elections.

The full breakdown of the voting per-senator can be found here.

Vote wisely in 2008, because the very foundations this country was founded upon are literally at stake here. If we make a mistake and put the wrong candidate into office, we will have lost what little remains of our freedoms and the Constitution that upholds them.

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