Cheney is not part of the Executive Branch

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Well, its a good thing that Vice President Cheney is not a member of the Executive Branch of government any longer. He’s decided to absolve himself of that responsibility.

Dick Cheney is a Liar

This means that if President George W. Bush meets an unfortunate or untimely end, Dick Cheney (as a non-member of the Executive Branch) does not automatically become President of the United States.


Because a man (and I use that term very loosely in this case) who can shoot a man in the face and get that same man to apologize for the “pain and suffering he caused Cheney and his family”, or who has man-sized safes in his office for the purposes of hiding/destroying more “secret” material, shouldn’t be allowed to go NEAR the government’s inner workings.

We’re heading down a fast slippery slope here… and so I’ll lay out the same prediction I’ve been stating for the last 3+ years. Originally I thought we’d have a civil war when Bush stole the seat of President in the 2004 election, but the American public just sat back and let it happen; content to watch American Idol, wear their Nike shoes and drink their Pepsi colas.

This time, I don’t think it is going to go down so lightly. People who are this entrenched in Government, this wrapped in their own mindless games for power, do not just walk away when their term is up.

George W. Bush is breaking the law, and should be sent to prison

Prediction Follows:

George W. Bush is going to “temporarily suspend” (read: permanently) the 2008 elections, because of the “War in Iran” (note: not Iraq). Martial Law will be implemented shortly after, to try to calm people from creating a general uprising.

Those that refuse to be “calmed” (read: controlled, suppressed), will be added to the list of those being illegally wiretapped by the NSA. This wiretapping has been happening in our country for over 5 years before it became public. You can bet they’re building a list right now of the “dissidents” who might cause problems in 2008 for their stealing of the elections.

We can’t have those “un-American peoples” rising up against their government, now can we?

Let’s also not forget that Michael Hayden directly misrepresented the 4th Amendment in a press conference. It is very clear, this Administration doesn’t understand what they’re doing, they’re a direct threat to the Freedom and Democracy of this country and others, and they should be replaced immediately, by those more-suited to handling this country’s issues and problems.

End Prediction

We CAN, and we should rise up against the government when they are a threat to our own way of life. They’re not called “un-Americans”, they’re called Patriots, and this administration (and the next), better get used to hearing and seeing that term more and more.

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