Banging the Tin Cup

Saturday, June 1st, 2002 at 12:00 am | 1,133 views | trackback url
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I see lilo is up to his
“banging-the-tin-cup” again in his latest antics on OPN.
Let’s review some history of when I caught him doing this
well over a year ago:

    **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Apr 15 16:02:17 2001
    16:04:30 <lilo> listen, I am not paid to talk to perennially angry 
    16:04:39 <lilo> such I judge you to be at present 
    16:04:55 <setuid> Are you saying you draw a salary based on 
       donations from the community?

dopey…and let’s not forget that OPN is a private network, not a public one.

    **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Apr 15 16:02:17 2001
    16:07:10 <lilo> please see paragraph 2 of the motd 
    16:07:19 <setuid> I've seen it, which you are legally violating.
    16:07:23 <setuid> Which has also been noted. 
    16:07:28 <setuid> Next? 
    16:07:28 <lilo> this is a private network
    16:07:37 <lilo> your access may be revoked at any time
    16:07:40 <lilo> that part
    16:07:44 <setuid> That's fine with me.
    16:08:33 -lilo- lilo is ignoring you

What’s funny about this particular interchange (one of dozens lilo and I have had) is that I was g-lined from OPN for putting lilo on /ignore awhile ago, but he sees fit to put me on ignore.

Sorry, OPN is not “open”, nor friendly, nor does it in any way contribute to the furthering oof any community spirit. When it ceased to be Linpeople, it become another entity entirely. Looking at all the suspiscious things going on behind the scenes at OPN, I’m definately directing people away from it. There are dozens of other freely available irc networks that cater to specific tastes, including my own server, that don’t force this level of “management” down on it’s userbase.

lilo, really. I’ve personally been out of work for over six months, and I’m not begging for money from anyone. I could always break down and work at McDonalds or as a school janitor, or mowing lawns. Drop the ego, and do what you must to support your family. This is getting ridiculous.

You don’t “deserve” a salary for setting up OPN, just as I don’t “deserve” one for all the unselfish giving I do for the community, in mailing lists, cvs hosting, gratis web development, irc servers, and so on. I do it because it needs to get done, and it benefits the community as a whole. You also don’t have to personally micro-manage the network. An irc network, properly configured, runs itself. Delegate out the responsibilities, if you must. Let it be what it needs to be.

Enough already.

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