Are we ready for 60 years of war with Iraq and Iran?

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We must seriously weigh the issues and choose our next round of leaders very carefully in the upcoming presidential election, lest we dive this country deeper and deeper into debt, into a recession, into poverty, and ultimately destroy the very foundations upon which it was built.

The price of oil is now no longer about the cost of extracting it from the ground and shipping it, it is about pricing the energy industry’s commodities at such a high level that they displace the value of the US dollar.

One US dollar will currently net you $0.63EUR or $0.50GBP (Source: XE).

Right now as I type this, the cost of oil is $139.00/barrel, up from $87.00 barrel not less than 6 months ago. That’s a 38% increase in less than a year. The cost of gas alone has shot up from $3.45 to $4.40 for 87 octane in under 5 weeks. That’s a 21.6% increase.

This country can’t continue to sustain those numbers.

The cost of food has skyrocketed as well. The price of rice, corn and wheat has gone up over 300% in the last 2 years. The cost of shipping these items has also gone up significantly.

Airlines are starting to crumble and crush. United Airlines is slashing 18% of its workforce and grounding 100 of its 460 planes. Continental Airlines is slashing 3,000 jobs and grounding 65 of its 368 available planes. Spirit Airlines is cutting 60% of its flight staff and 45% of its pilots. The cost of flights in the last 1-2 months has DOUBLED!

Record numbers of people are now becoming homeless, because they can no longer afford to keep their homes. They have to spend the money on gas, which leaves less money for necessities (like bills!), and then they lose their jobs, because companies can no longer afford to employ as many people.

Then what?

One of the candidates for the next presidential seat has openly stated that he supports having a war last for 60+ years, with perpetual military bases in these countries.

Going against the (much better) wisdom of experts who know the political landscape better than anyone, the mere hint of using nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea is outrageous. We can’t afford to stay at war in ANY country for decades. We’re hemorrhaging money and debt through every pore in our country’s flesh and it needs to stop.

Rarely do I try to impart my own political viewpoints on anyone but this election is crucial to the very survival of this country. Not only in our own context, but in the lens through which other countries are viewing us.

I still strongly support Ron Paul and the moral issues which he stands for, however with the recent change in the candidate pool, Ron Paul is not a choice for the candidate seating in either party. Now with Hillary bowing gently out, it is back to a 2-horse race between Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama.

If you care about your own future, the future you’re providing for your children and the future of this country long after you and your children and their children have passed on, watch this short video and choose your candidate wisely before you vote. There is one out there who should not be given the reigns to guide this country further into the ground.

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