Another glaring flaw in the iPod

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I use my iPod quite a bit for relaxing, cycling, listening to podcasts, thousands of songs ripped from my extensive CD collection and carrying bootable Linux ISO images to install Linux on other machines via my iPod. I use it a LOT!

iPod 5th Generation podcast bugs

One of the most annoying things about the iPod, which still hasn’t been addressed, is the ability to play podcasts in series. Let me explain…

I use AmaroK on Linux and iTunes on Windows to manage the music and files on my iPod. I subscribe to several weekly podcasts, and I keep several of each podcast on my iPod at once, so I can listen to several weeks in a row in one sitting.

When I choose to listen to these podcasts, I would like to listen to these in reverse chronological order (oldest one first), which helps me catch up on news, latest trends and so on.

The major flaw in how the iPod handles these, is that there is no grouping of these podcasts, other than the title.

When I listen to one podcast in one group and it completes, I am brought back to the main iPod screen, and I have to scroll all the way back from Music → (scroll down 5 entries) Podcasts → (scroll down to my podcast title) → (scroll down to my intended date entry) → -> Select.

Every podcast I want to listen to, requires me to directly interact with it at least 10 steps. This is not exactly wise, especially if you listen during a morning commute to work.

When I’m playing an album of music, it will play Track 1 .. Track n, until the album is completed. Why aren’t podcasts treated the same way? Why not make each podcast “group” (“Ask a Ninja”, for example) treated like an album, and play each track until all tracks are played?

There are millions of iPod users out there. I can’t believe that this hasn’t been requested at least a thousand times from the users.

Does nobody listen to podcasts with their iPod?

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