Almost Everything I Own Was Destroyed

Saturday, February 16th, 2002 at 12:00 am | 1,643 views | trackback url

Safely made it to the East coast, my belongings didn’t.

60% of my belongings shipped ahead with movers were completely damaged, smashed, and crushed. Huge loss.
Computer desk completely trashed. Metal hardware was torn right out of the wood itself in dozens of places. Dishes, cups, appliances..

The only thing not destroyed were my boxes of books. I can only assume that was because the movers couldn’t read. Fragile boxes clearly marked as such, with ‘This Side UP!’ on them were at the bottom of piles of boxes, upside-down, crushed.

I’m baffled at the amount of damage. When I drove myself from CT to CA in a U-Haul, I didn’t even use moving blankets or pack things in foam and newspaper. Not a single item was broken. This time, I made sure to pack everthing very carefully in foam, paper, and with moving blankets. Everything that could have been broken, was.

Erika thinks this was intentional. This clearly looks maliscious. There’s no way they could “accidentally” break every piece of furniture, appliance, dish, cup, and obliterate that 512lb computer desk.

I’m starting at the beginning again.

Very angry, very upset.

More on this later, photo-documentary of damages to follow.

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