Advogato Certification Redux

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deven, firstly, I was testing a theory about certification, and in the process, wasted one of my certs to test it out. Secondly, if you read the Certification Overview, an Apprentice ranking is earned by

someone who has contributed in some way to a free software project, but is still striving to acquire the skills and standing in the community to make more significant contributions”.

Looking over your diary entries, since you’ve joined, you’ve consistently complained about your certification level, including requesting of others that they certify you as “Master”, yet you still
haven’t identified any free software projects that you are contributing to.

If fixing the certification is your main goal, go ahead and add yourself to mod_virgule and begin contributing in some way. Doing so will then begin earning you the certifications you desire. Right now, you have no projects, and from what I read in your August 8th 2000 diary, you don’t plan on it soon.

Yes, I will make significant contributions to free software. Of that I am certain. I can’t say for certain when, but I will. However, until I have something significant to point to (and maybe beyond then), I am staying out of this self-certification morass.

You currently have an Apprentice ranking, which is a bit above what your current diary entries indicate. Now let’s begin adding yourself to some projects and work towards meeting that ranking.

Worry more about contributing to the community, not about what one lone website certifies your community status at. That’s all.

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