Advogato Certification and PG&E Power Issues

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Zurk, how noble of you to certify yourself directly as Master, without even a single project under your guidance. Perhaps you might want to take a look at the Certification Overview and think of a value which suits your personal contributions. Your Sourceforge entry doesn’t seem to contain much. Your homepage seems to be down. I did find your ZDoc homepage though. Perhaps you should add your project to the
Advogato project page.

You complain that you lost your certification, and that you can’t post. Perhaps you need to contribute to some community projects or Free Software work. You are judged by your peers here, by your contributions, not by your “friends”.

You aren’t “owed” certifications, you earn them. Just a thought…


  • belated Christmas shopping
  • friends from the past
  • pilot-link hackery
  • packing everything into boxes
  • power outages
  • voratious hunger
  • unstable sleep pattern

SPAM Honeypot

    I just looked at the logs from my spam honeypot script running on my box, and there was one spam harvesting engine stuck in it
    tonight, and it had already hit it 25,813 times before I finally blocked it with iptables. Each new link it found, it spawned
    a new instance of itself and begain spidering the page again. This is purely evil.

    At over 200 unique fake email addresses per page, that’s over 5,162,600 fake email addresses that my script successfully populated it’s database with. Too nice.


    I had my power shut off today at 12:40pm, and I called PG&E to restore it at b>2:30pm, the power flickered on for 1 full second at 3:48pm and was off again.

    I called them again at 5:18pm and then again at 6:26pm. They told me power was restored. Uhm, no. They said they would dispatch another truck, but it could take up 8:00pm.

    I decided to just fix it myself. I went downstairs into the ahem “locked” Utility room and right next to my meter was a little PG&E post-it that said “Service Restored” and a tech’s name. I opened the little metal flap over the breaker, and it was in the Off position. Gar!

    Why do I always have to deal with this ineptitude? Next time they cut my power, I’ll just march back down there, ahem “open” the Utility room, and turn it back on.

Autoconf quote of the day:

“Using autoconf is like playing chess from 20 feet away by flicking a rope to move the pieces…”mbp

It’s Thu Jan 24 02:17:58 PST 2002 and I’m not even tired yet.

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