A long day that ends with a smile

Friday, April 11th, 2008 at 7:47 am | 3,923 views | trackback url

Today was a long, grueling day at work, and of course my train back from the city was late, as always.

The high-point of the day was watching an older gentleman (50+ years old) try to force himself off of the train, and jump from a moving train onto the station platform. Apparently he was helping his wife onto the train but he was supposed to get back off. Instead, he sat down and was talking to her, ignored the PA system telling everyone that we were about to leave, and then the train started moving away from the platform.

He got up, ran full-speed down the train car, and tried to force himself past the train staff out the closing door of the train, to jump to the platform. The train staff had to literally block the door and hold him down to stop him from attempting to jump off of the moving train onto the platform.

Some people are just insane.

So instead, he had to wait for the next stop to get back on a train going the other way. The next stop was 90 minutes West, however.

But at least my days end with happiness and smiles now. And here’s one for everyone else.

So a priest, a rabbi, and a fork bomb walk into a bar…

And then the fork bomb walks into the bar…

…and then the fork bomb walks into the bar…

…and then the fork bomb walks into the bar…

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