9/11 Commission Report in HTML format

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Well, its time to make it public… after so may people have asked for it, so here goes.

I’ve taken the original 9/11 Commission Report and converted it all to validated XHTML so I could then read and redistribute it in Plucker format. It is also on MemoWare and on PalmGear, and on FreewarePalm. I may convert it to iSilo format, if there is a great-enough need.

I took the original 567-page PDF and converted it by hand to validated XHTML, chapter by chapter, and paragraph by paragraph. I also added a lot of usability features that were not in the original, specifically for people reading it on a PalmOS handheld device. No less than 20 hours were used to convert this over to this “superlinked” copy. I also have my conversion ChangeLog as well, for those who are interested in how this is progressing. I’m at version 1.5 now.

  • Every annotation mentioned in the document has been linked to their respective Notes page
  • The Notes pages were restructured to facilitate this usability
  • A completely new Table of Contents, linked to every section and sub-section
  • Each chapter has its own mini-TOC at the top which links to the sub-sections in the chapters
  • The List of Illustrations page links to each image in the report

…and lots of other features
This copy is much more useful than the original PDF, because of the depth of the crosslinking I added to it and the wrapping and punctuation corrections I also made in thousands of places.

Please link to it. My hope is that this will become the most widely-used version of this document, because it is currently the only one searchable via the web, due to the fact that it is online in HTML format.

The information presented in this report is too important to ignore.

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