3 months or 12 weeks?

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I always wondered why parents refer to their kids as being “12 weeks old” or “18 months old”. Why not just say “3 months”? Or “a year and a half”? I guess I’ll never find out.. after all, I’m only 1716 weeks old myself. Maybe in 300 more weeks I’ll gain the insight.

Seryn at 11 weeks

The online album of Seryn’s growth is finally publically available. We’ll be putting images into this for at least the next 18 years or so, so get ’em while they’re hot! She’s growing fast. Its amazing to see the different signs every day that evolution is taking its due course. Every day we see her learning more and more about her environment.

A couple of weeks ago, her right hand discovered her left hand, and they’ve been hardly inseparable since. Instead of the traditional “sucking-of-the-thumb”, she shoves her whole hand in her mouth to soothe herself. It doesn’t matter which one, just as long as one gets in there to gum on. She seems to be favoring her left hand for that, but she carries a mean fist with her right.

This week, its laughter and lots of talking. She goes on for 5, 10 minutes at a time, just singing and making words and trying to string together what sounds like sentences. I thought there’d be a stage of “babbling” or little yelps and other sounds, but nope… she went straight on to telling us stories. I wish I had a video camera to capture these moments, because in a few weeks, they’ll be gone, and nobody would believe she’s actually trying to talk!

We are out there every day walking with her, and she’s wide awake for most of it. She loves looking at the trees, anything else tall and in the way. We carry her in a “Baby Bjorn“, which is this interesting little “reverse backpack” kind of device that allows them to face your chest (at early age) or face away from you, attached at the chest (for slightly older ages).

Erika and Seryn with the Bjorn

When we walk with her in the bjorn, she kicks her legs down and swaggers her body from side to side with each step, kind of like she wants to walk, or she’s trying to compensate for the motion with her limbs or something. Its quite a site to be seen. She loves her walk.. well, the first half of it anyway. On the way back, she’s limp, sprawled over the top of the bjorn like a ragdoll.

A 12-pound ragdoll. A heavy, 12-pound ragdoll.

But she’s the cutest. Every day is a whole new day of experiences to share and learn and grow with her. I’m actually a parent!

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