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slef: Don’t feel so bad. I nurtured that network long before it was usurped by lilo. Back when it was still called “Linpeople” (faces of the original crew) many years ago. I moved #palmchat from Dalnet to OPN (and lilo decided to bend under the whining pressure of the founder of the Dalnet channel and removed my founder status and gave it to the other person).

I moved #ipaq and over to OPN from (well, it was a collective decision, I jumped and founded them to secure the channels, and then handed the foundership over to a7r and nikos).

What did I get for my troubles? lilo decided to g-line me from the entire network (there was also a situation where I was banned from #linpeople there, because I was in a heated discussion involving Windows vs. Linux with another person there. It was “decided” to ban me, because out of the two arguing parties, one of them had lilo on /ignore (me), so I was banned).

Too bad I’ve been there long enough I have enough ways in and out without having to make myself visible. Some day I’ll post the logs of his little private conversations with me that led up to the g-line. Maybe some day that network will grow up, but right now, it’s all posturing and positioning with ignorant non-community people in control.

As you said, there are dozens of other networks to participate in, and they’ve been around longer, are more stable, and much more friendly. I’m doing what I can to nurture those networks now. I’ve outgrown the small, constrictive box called OpenProjects. Other networks are benefiting from my skills and input now, there’s no need to go back to kindergarten.

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