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Relocating for a new job to California, Kodak PalmPix and more!

She’s here! Everyone wish her well on her interview. This is an important step for her, for us.

Kodak PalmPix Decoder [site]

    And now it’s Kodak who may enter the ranks of those that I may have to educate about Open Source… There was an interesting discussion I had with them at last year’s Palmsource seminar about their “proprietary” image storage format. They had some very “not nice” things to say to me when I offered them several profitable opportunities for collaboration on a desktop conduit for Linux.

    Palmsource was postponed this year, and will be adjourning again in February. You can bet if I’m still in the area, I’ll be in strict attendance.

    Good work on the decoder Angus and everyone else! Version control and robust updates are next…

Driving Sans Musicas

    I’ve been thinking about getting a new radio for my truck since my boom box was stolen from the front seat. The stock radio in the dash is really old, and drops out from time to time going over heavy bumps. It only gets a few stations… and I think its time to get a proper deck installed. I know there are a lot of places that carry my favorite brand, but who knows if they’ll fit in a truck that is 14 years old. I should ask my girlfriend what she thinks I should do…

Long, long projects

    Another huge deliverable has been completed, after some slight “dragging on” of the expectations. Huge weight lifted.

Seafood Proxies

    I’ve been playing with a reverse-squid proxy underneath Apache, and have had nothing but trouble. As rasmus puts it so well today,

    “…computers don’t like you…”


A parting thought I had, given we’re all going through similar times these days in our industry:

“…do you choose to just bite the bullet and make the decision yourself and
suffer the unknown, or have the decision made for you…”

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