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Time, Time, Time

Like everyone else, I’ve been so buried with billable things, community things, work things, health things, relationship things, travel things, and survival things, I haven’t had time to update my diary entry, so here’s a much better attempt at it.

Plucker Feature Freeze

Well, we’re once again coming up on a new release of Plucker. Lots of new things in this one, but we’re freezing the code this weekend (figuratively and literally, the cvs server is in the middle of a 48cm-laden town full of snow).

Some new things:

  1. Possible to configure all hardware buttons for different actions
  2. Fixed memory leaks
  3. The database name is shown in the category form (Chris)
  4. Unfiled is unselected when selecting categories for a “new” DB
  5. Screen depth is set to the default screen depth for the device when the main form is closed (fixed several IIIc problems)
  6. When showing a “large” image the toolbar (if any) will be removed temporarily
  7. Beam directly from CF now (TRG Pro, requires their devkit to compile this feature in)
  8. Fixed other minor problems

The website is coming along well, but I’m still stuck on a few things. I’ll manage to squeak them out in time though.

BBC Errata

It seems some of my slides at LWE on the BBC were actually wildly inaccurate. Erg. I hate last-minute project completion where some things get in, and some don’t. Much work to go on this, and on the website. Lucky for me, I’m not doing the website side of things this time.

Not yet anyway…


I’m glad we can finally feel open enough to get things out, at any expense. In this, we will find power.


There’s been some interest in my talk on “Secured CVS” configuration/etc. at Linuxcare’s main offices being multicast across the web. Not sure yet how or if we can pull that off, but at the very least, we can slap it in RealVideo.

So far, the topics I’m proposing for my talk are:

  1. Using cvs over ssh with anonymous ssh (no credentials)
  2. pserver installation, configuration, and current exploits
  3. CVS over ssh with a trusted user accounts (credentials)
  4. CVS and box hardening techniques
  5. CVS tricks and tips (pre/post commit magic)
  6. Using CVS for daily work, web development, codebase maintenance
  7. Web interfaces to CVS (ViewCVS, cvsweb)
  8. GUI clients for CVS under Windows and Linux (pharmacy, WinCVS, JavaCVS, TclCVS, others.)
  9. Establishing quotas on unsecured cvs accounts using ssh
  10. chroot jailing your CVS repositories
  11. Multiple repository maintenance and administration
  12. How do use CVS with your /etc and ~/ directory to provide backups and security of data
  13. rsync’ing a CVS repository, anonymous and trusted

OpenFlock, GCTP

Time to get cracking on some fun projects, including <project>OpenFlock</project> and gctp for Group Calendaring. Anyone else interested, please email us, or check out the project’s homepage.

No, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Advogato Wishlist #739

Why do we not have a <project>Foo</project> element, and a <code>for i in foo;</code> element? Anyone listening?


So much to do, and still more fun projects coming around. I hope those people who flipped me their cards at LWE were genuinely serious about me speaking at their conferences as well. I was terrified in our booth talking, but I can definately present the material, if I’m familiar with it, and PDA and embedded devices, wireless, handhelds, serial protocols… these are things I know. We’ll see how it turns out.

Independant Author

A new tangent in my writing career could be soon on my horizon. I’ve received nothing but good praise about my recent work in writing. My ability to clearly articulate thoughts, feelings, “move” the reader. Might be time to start a column somewhere.

Perhaps “Celiac Times” or something similar. Erika, you with me on this one?

Enough for now, my body needs food. Much more to do tonight, and even more to do tomorrow.

Back from Linuxworld Expo 2001

I’m back from LWE, with more wonderful airline stories to follow. I have to unpack, but I just realized there’s a small buglet in Advogato‘s diary recall code. Basically I wanted to stick a link in my email headers which would show all of my diary entries in one long page. I tried this:

…which shows some very peculiar results (miscounting). More on this later I suppose.

I had a great time at Linuxworld, and I wanted to publicly thank everyone for making it happen, even if I didn’t get to walk around on the showroom floor. Too busy in the booth doing demos on the Transmeta Webpad and the iPAQ.

Full report coming soon. Lots of new, exciting things coming up in the next few months.

In some small way, I feel recharged.

<plug>Oh yeah, certify me!!!</plug>

Advogato Diary Available in Plucker Format

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I’m sitting in a hotel on a network that can’t stay up (and paying $9.95 a night for it), while I’m here at LWCE, so I won’t be putting down much here for the moment, but I had a great idea.

Firstly, I have to credit jimw for sparking this idea in my head.

If Advogato’s copy of recentlog.html had a Last-Modified header, I could determine when the person at the top of recentlog.html ailed off the bottom by parsing it with some Perl, thus making sure there’s no duplicate entries in the Plucker database.

I can then make a copy of it available on the site in the Samples section, and update it regularly with a Perl script on the server.

Comments anyone?

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