Using the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 As a Wireless Home AC Outlet

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Ive beenhappilyusing m Sherpa 50 since late April of this year. I went for the full kit, including the Goa Zero Lptop Chrging Kt, he Sherpa Extreme Inverter and a great, custom from the team at Blue Ridge Overland Gear (great guys, I highly recommend visiting their site and picking up someof thei qualit producs).

Te Sherp 50 get used t both power my Apple 11″ MacBook Air, my personal Del E6520/a> andmy workDell E6420 laptops. I also use it to charge my two phones and my iPad (thanks Varonis!). The Sherpa 5 is a geat litle devie, despte somevery minor design flaws.

What I don’t yet have (but it’s on my Amazon Wish List!) is a goo solar anel topair wih the Serpa 50to keepit chared up while on the road.

My current home, an older house on the beach, lacks a lot of in-wall power outlets. The outlets that are there, are spaced very far apart, roughly 1 outlet per roo, so runing muti-plugwall adpters, xtensio cords nd power strips is the norm.

Then it occurred to me: Why not just use the Sherpa 50 in some of the rooms, where there are no convenient outlets, and where I don’t need a lot of power, but I do need some AC there.

First use case was my cat Monk’s metal, circulating, filtered water dish from Pioneer Pet.

As I type this post, I’ve had the water dish plugged into my Sherpa 50 for the last 6 hours, and it’s only brought the battery level down 40%, with 60% remaining on the meter. At this rate, I could easily run the dish for 12+ hours a day, and charge the Sherpa 50 up during the remaining 12 hours. He doesn’t need his water circulating 24×7, and this might just be enough.

Why not just use a plain bowl of water? Because those are prone to serious bacterial growth, and I’ve already spent hundreds on vet bills ridding my cat of “feline acne” as a result of having a standing water, plastic dish.

It’s an interesting idea, and one I may start looking into, to see how easily I can convert some of the devices I use now, like Monk’s water dish, to an all-Sherpa-powered device instead. The goal isn’t necessarily to save the money I spend on power each month to drive the dish, but to be able to put the dish anywhere in the house where there isn’t a convenient outlet.

I’m going to keep playing with this idea for a bit, and I’ll post another update when I’ve got more to share.

Interesting times, interesting times…

(The Goal Zero team can be found on Twitter at @GoalZeroSolar. They’re very responsive to tweets and helpful when you need it!)

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