HOWTO: Fix the broken “Open Terminal Here” menu icon in XFCE

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If you’re using XFCE, specifically version 4, you’ve probably seen this issue come up a few times. It looks like this:

The fix is pretty simple and straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Go up to your “Applications Menu” and choose “File Manager”. This will launch your configured, default file manager (most-likely Thunar, unless you’ve changed something).

  2. Choose “Configure Custom Actions” from the “Edit” menu, as shown here:

  3. Now select the “Open Terminal Here” option, and click the “Edit” button (looks like a little pencil and paper)

  4. Now you’ll see a screen where you can change/edit your custom action’s metadata, including its display icon. Click the broken icon image to change it to something reasonable.

  5. Once you choose an icon, click “Ok” to save it. I chose something that looked like a terminal session icon. You can choose whatever you wish that fits your needs. Once you save it, you’ll see it show up in the metadata screen like this:

  6. Now you can click “Ok”, and “Close” on the previous dialog box to save the changes you’ve made.

    But wait! The icon hasn’t changed yet! You’re probably still seeing a broken icon on the menu. There’s one more thing you need to do…

  7. To refresh those cached-in-memory icons, you have to either log out and back in, or.. kill the desktop. I prefer the latter, so simply open a terminal, and run the following command:
    $ killall xfdesktop

    That’s it. Now if you right-click, you’ll see your shiny new icon show up on the menu, no more broken icon!

Hopefully that helps!

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